Subclass 402 (training and research) Visa

The 402 Visa aims to promote international goodwill by allowing Australian organisations to sponsor persons to travel to Australia to participate in occupational training, research, or professional development activities.

This is not a work visa, but the visa holder is allowed to work and train with the sponsoring organisation for training, development and research purposes consistent with the purpose of the visa.

Who can apply

The 402 visa provides for 3 streams of applicants (DIBP 2014):

  • Applicant wanting to improve their occupational skills through participation in workplace-based training structured to enhance existing skills in an eligible occupation
  • Academics invited to participate in collaborative research in Australia
  • Professional development for Australian organisations to bring to Australia groups of professionals, managers or government officials from overseas as part of a professional development agreement

Occupational trainee stream application process

There are 3 stages in applying:

Stage 1 - the business intending to engage in occupational training applies to be a training sponsor

Stage 2 - the approved occupational training sponsor (or sponsor waiting approval) nominates the applicant for the proposed occupational training. The nominated position must be on the Consolidated Skills Occupation List (DIBP 2014)

Stage 3 - the nominated person lodges a visa application (the applicant can be inside or outside Australia)