Our philosophy is to keep things simple and streamlined. We focus on providing an employer-ready migration service. 

Our sponsor-ready, job-ready employee and skills matching service provide you value-for-money. We submit “decision-ready” applications for government approval in the shortest time frame. 

We encourage eligible Australian employers to obtain business sponsor approval in advance to shorten the process of getting an approved visa applicant working. 

Auslink services are priced competitively - we aim to provide a comprehensive service at a fair price.


Permanent visas

  • RSMS SC187 position nomination (Step 1)
  • RSMS SC187 visa application (Step 2) [on-shore and off-shore]

Auslink staff prepare the above separately or in a combined application for one, easy bulk price.

Temporary visas

  • SC 457  (Step 1) – Standard Business Sponsorship
  • SC 457  (Step 2) – Position nomination
  • SC 457  (Steps 2 and 3) – Combined position nomination & visa application  
    * NOTE: Approved business sponsorship lasts 3 years without cost of sponsor approval reapplication fees
  • SC 457  (Steps 1, 2 and 3) – Combined sponsorship, position nomination & visa application 
  • Student Visas
  • Partner visas (Mostly temporary, then permanent after 2yrs)
  • General Skilled Migration
  • Tourist Visa

Contact Auslink to receive our standard professional fees.

Other mandatory costs may include: medical, police clearances from all countries where the applicant has lived more than 12 months in the last 10 years, translation of documents and IELTS test.

You can also complete an online assessment form. Click here to complete an online assessment.