We encourage farmers and agribusinesses in the agri-food supply chain to take on occupational trainees to help solve the regional and rural skills shortage gap. 

Occupational trainees can be both:

  • urban Australian citizens and permanent residents, or
  • agri-science degree qualified migrants

Auslink can supply employers with qualified people willing to work, learn and settle as occupational trainees, for up to 2 years, supported and assessed by Registered Training Organisations (RTO) in regional and rural community.


Migrant occupational trainees

Having proven their work capability through skills enhancement, the employer has the opportunity to sponsor the worker to continue to work for at least a further 2 years as an Australian permanent resident. This is a win-win for Australian business and also for the skilled migrant worker. 

Learn more about skill-set development and training through the occupational trainee system. 

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