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Skilled Workers



Connecting skilled people with Australia’s regional and rural industry

Auslink has 40 years of agriculture, workforce administration and migration experience spread across agriculture, construction, mining and migration industries. Our highly qualified team centered around a registered migration specialist helps us to bring skilled workers to where they are needed the most – rural Australia. The results are a stronger workforce, stronger communities and a stronger Australia

Regional Employers

Auslink specialises in bringing motivated and skilled workers to regional and rural Australia, meaning more profitable businesses for employers. Our dedicated registered migration specialists and support staff do the hard yards required to match regional businesses with capable workers willing to work and live in regional and rural Australia.


Visa Applications

Our philosophy is to keep things simple and streamlined for everyone, which is why our team focus is on providing an employer-ready – employee-ready migration service. Our subsequent decision ready applications enable DIBP immigration case officers to grant nomination and visa approvals in the shortest possible time.


Our Capabilities


Supporting Farmers

Auslink possesses a wide range of qualifications and skill-sets acquired in the agriculture, construction and mining industries that enable staff to effectively communicate with Clients and deliver migration services to fulfil regional skills shortage gaps

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Rural Support Businesses

Auslink staff keeps current with changing migration regulation requirements and also works to develop and deliver regional and rural employer and community needs more effectively. We specialise in regional work and family visas ensuring a very high migration approval rating

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Skilled Workers & Occupational Trainees

Skilled workers need to improve individual skills with occupational training, which is essential to contributing to business profitability and community integration. We can help you find the best occupational training courses online.

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Efficient Visa Service

Our hands-on approach makes it easy for employers and migrants to navigate the Australian migration process. Auslink keeps the client informed about the status of the application and ensures applications are being processed as quickly as possible. 

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News & Events

  • Toowoomba Regional Council - Cultural Diversity Network Meetings

    The city has a rapidly growing multicultural community with the need of migration support. In February 2014, Auslink staff presented an immigration information session sponsored by Toowoomba’s Regional Council’s Cultural Diversity Network to inform migrant residents how to navigate Australia’s migration system complexity.

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  • Farmfest 2013